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"I remember when I first read the first of Mark's books - some guy I never met from online told me about the site they were on for free.  Since then I have kept up with them all but until this group came along I wasn't sure if I was the only real fan or not.  The group is cool because you can share ideas, thoughts, comments with others who feel the same about Mark's books and even share ideas with Mark himself."

"I joined Mark's site because I love his books. It is a good way to meet and talk to people who share my love of Mark's work. It is also a good way to find out about new books coming out before anyone else.."

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If you want a look behind the scenes, a chance to read novels early and perhaps even name a character, check out and become a patron of my books (you can put a link to my page here).  I post several times a week about various topics concerning the writing of my books, everything from what inspires characters to what I wrote only a few minutes ago. I announce everything there first and interact with my patrons.  Sales of my books (thank for buying them, I do appreciate it!) and my patrons on make it possible for me to keep writing.

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