Upcoming Projects

Below is the list of projects I have going now, in addition to the audio version of Lake Maxinkuckee Summer that Jerry is recording.  I had a very slow morning working on Nikias yesterday.  I had a lot of trouble writing about a journey between two cities.  I'll either expand on it a lot in the second draft, or delete the section entirely.  I already have 15 pages in the deleted scenes file for this one, which is unusual, but I've had some false starts on different parts of the story.  This is a particularly difficult story to write in some ways.

Books Currently in Production:

Bloomington Boys: Banshee: Finished 1st draft.

Holbyta: finished 2nd draft.

Suddenly Real: ready for publication.

Tadzio—A Death in Verona: working on 3rd draft.

Worst Swap Ever: ready for publication.



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